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Rainbow Panda

Written by Lisa Muchnik
Illustrated by Emilie Timmermans
Available now in hardcover!
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Illustration from Rainbow Panda book

About the Book

"A book filled with positive energy about being yourself, in all your colors."
- Kirkus Review

Deep in the jungle, a little panda and his friends are doing yoga. They stretch, reach, and balance. They’re really rocking it! But . . . Little Panda feels sad, because he doesn’t have beautiful spots, fancy feathers, or bright colors like his friends. He’s just plain black and white. Help Little Panda discover his radiant inner beauty during an unforgettable search.

A journey through the 7 chakras will leave children filled with positive energy and will help them connect with their emotions so their inner beauty can shine bright in all of their beautiful colors.

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Love for Rainbow Panda

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A child holding Rainbow Panda book

Beautifully written, GREAT read!!!

"This is a beautifully written book. A GREAT read for my daughter who is 7! We have re-visited the book so many times and we are learning about our energy together. I love, love, love it! And, there is nothing out there like this 👍🏼👍🏼 Add this to your social emotional well-being booklist!"
A child holding Rainbow Panda book

Incredible Book

"This was the best purchase we have made! My son and daughter can’t get enough of it and I love the message! The pictures are so bright and colorful and adorable! The author clearly put so much love and heart into this amazing story, and we are so grateful to have found it!"
Two children in a yoga pose holding Rainbow Panda book

Great addition to my children's yoga library!

"I love this book. It is an adorable story that explains the chakras in a way children can understand. It also reinforces the belief that we are all the same on the inside."
A child reading Rainbow Panda book


"This is such a wonderful book! The story is beautifully told with a wonderful message! The artwork just brings it all to life and so well done. Both my daughters ages 7 & 3 love this book!!! If I could give it more stars I would!"
A child holding Rainbow Panda book

A Song for Rainbow Panda

Rainbow Panda inspired Lisa’s musician husband Marc to write a song based on the book that would bring another dimension of the story to life through music.

Marc wrote the song, plays the keyboard, and provides the main vocals. Lisa is playing the harp, and their seven year old daughter Aria lends her voice to the chorus.

The song is a perfect complement to the book and would be a fabulous addition to any children’s playlist for yoga, meditation, or everyday listening. Enjoy it here!